Indiana prescription tracking system (INSPECT) is in ‘crisis’

INDIANAPOLIS — A state system for tracking prescriptions has been “in crisis” and created a risk of exposing patients’ personal information, according to a state-commissioned report that Gov. Mike Pence’s administration tried to keep under wraps…

Still, lawmakers, who had to obtain a copy of the report through back channels after the Pence administration sought to force them to sign non-disclosure agreements to read it, remain so concerned about the program that they’ve sent the governor a bill that gives the pharmacy board more authority. The bill also creates a new oversight committee made up of the system’s users…

INSPECT collects data from pharmacies about prescriptions of narcotics, opioids and other addictive drugs and lets doctors, pharmacists and police get information from the database to track whether patients are obtaining more pills than they should.

The information in the system includes names, dates of birth, addresses, driver’s license numbers and details about prescriptions for controlled drugs — information that must be kept secure, Davisson said…

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