CDC Launches Social Media Campaign [shaming pain patients]

In an attempt to recognize prescription opioid abusers who have been working to change their lives for the better, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this week launched a new social media initiative welcoming the stories of those who have been affected by prescription painkiller addiction.

The CDC launched its campaign, titled “When the Prescription Becomes the Problem,” this week at the fourth annual National RX Drug Abuse Summit. The social media activity, designed to raise awareness of prescription painkiller abuse and overdose, will run through May 15…

That’s it, create a social media campaign that shames pain patients even more.  Make all pain patients, or anyone who wants to relieve their suffering by choosing pain medications, appear to be drug addicts.  After all, when people are afraid to seek out medical care, they do just fine managing their chronic conditions on their own, right?

Maybe the next campaign by the CDC could include stories of how doctors are abandoning pain patients, and how chronic pain patients are unable to find and receive health care.  Maybe the CDC could even highlight how many pain specialists there are in this country compared to the number of pain patients.

Hey, CDC, how much of your funding is siphoned through the DEA and the NIDA?

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