What are my dreams, aspirations and goals?


Nominating you for Infinity Dream award .
I want you to talk about your dreams, aspiration, and goals in your next post. That’s the challenge I’m giving . Keep rocking .

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I don’t participate in all the different WordPress award thingies.  But if you’re going to challenge me, well, my Type A personality has a hard time turning down a challenge. 🙂

And this one is really easy, because I don’t have any dreams, aspirations, or goals.  As a chronic pain patient, getting through each day is hard enough without being concerned about working towards long-term goals.  In fact, after 30 years of suffering from constant pain, it’s hard to remember a time when I had goals or dreams.

I guess you could say that I have daily goals, like trying to sleep and manage my pain levels. Trying to be physically active every day, even if it’s just to make myself something to eat and clean up afterwards.  But my pain levels and insomnia have a mind of their own, and trying to work towards specific goals in these areas doesn’t really work.  In fact, I’ve learned that being flexible is more important, so I can make daily adjustments according to my pain levels.  And I’ve also learned not to be discouraged by all the numerous setbacks, which if I had goals, would make that harder to do.

I suppose I have an aspiration that this blog can help other chronic pain patients, although that doesn’t seem very realistic, especially considering the light amount of traffic this blog receives.  I also have an aspiration that the different kinds of therapy I practice, like art and music therapy, can help me to manage the constant pain.  I guess it helps to write about the bad thoughts so they’re not stuck in my head, but it doesn’t really help my pain levels.  However, it’s a lot cheaper than renting movies or other kinds of distraction therapies, so that’s a plus.

I know that many chronic pain patients have dreams about returning to their prior lives before the pain became constant, hoping that the medical industry will come up with some treatment which will help them.  But after three decades as an intractable pain patient, I don’t have any illusions about the future — that my pain will be better treated or some cure will be found.

However, I can dream about the legalization of cannabis, and hope that sometime in the future, I will again have access to it, so I can try to keep rockin’ on.  Peace out. 😀

One thought on “What are my dreams, aspirations and goals?

  1. this is so wonderful .
    //like trying to sleep and manage my pain levels. Trying to be physically active every day// all these are ur goals isnt it ?
    and when you accomplish that milestones imagine the happiness u get.i observe is you learn lot of hings each day with you experiences you encounter in your professional and personal life and that is so amazing . and most of your blogs are giving a good amount of information and inspiration to many of us . thank you for sharing so much of insights .
    may you be successful in helping people lead a happy and healthy life

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