New Mexico’s Chronic Disease Prevention Council (CDPC) has launched a new website and campaign to help raise awareness about the difficulty of living with multiple chronic diseases. The CDPC is a multidisciplinary body of experts, with representation from the Department of Health, seeking to reduce chronic disease in New Mexico…

Hey, Department of Health, doesn’t chronic disease usually include chronic pain?  Is there some reason why that issue isn’t mentioned in your press release?  And why not include mental illnesses that are chronic too?  Or didn’t ya’ll know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month?

And are there any patients on your Chronic Disease Prevention Council, or don’t you think our voices are important?

Because if you really want to help those who suffer from chronic pain and disease, how about expanding the Medical Cannabis Program and making it less restrictive and expensive?  (Why do I continue to scream at an agency that’s not interested in what chronic pain patients have to say?)

5 thoughts on “New Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness about Chronic Disease

  1. Department of Health, Yeah! What Painkills2 said! Sup with you people? Listen to them! Painkills2 is right questioning about you health departmenters on expanding the Medical Cannabis Program and making it less restrictive and expensive.

    Painkills2, There! I’m yelling at them with you!

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