Voices of pharmacists and doctors


(1 day ago) Daniel W. from Mapleton, UT writes:
I am a pharmacist, I love helping people, I know that the DEA is behind this discrimination of people seeking pain relief. The wholesale company that sells my pharmacy medications has told me that they are considering not selling to me anymore because of the number of controlled substances my pharmacy dispenses. The drug wholesalers hire ex-DEA agents to come into our pharmacy to “talk” and try to strong arm pharmacists into their model of compliance. I have spoken with pharmacy benefit management (insurance companies) who openly admit to discrimatory practices of opiate meds in refusal to pay or putting the patients through unneeded reviews prior to approving coverage of the medications. Please tell all your friends, loved ones, co-workers to sign this petition. We will all suffer at some point in life if we continue to remain silent!

(2 days ago) Julie S. from Cincinnati, OH writes:

The DEA is responsible for my husband’s death after they investigated him for being a “piill mill” doctor. He lost his practice, declared bankruptcy and left the practice of medicine for four years. Then, out of the blue, they informed him that their investigation was closed and that he had been cleared of any suspicions. Of course, he had lost his health due to the stress of those years of fear, distress, and financial ruin. Six months after learning that he could get his DEA registration back and he anticipated getting a KY medical license, he died from complications following open heart surgery due to CHF. He knew that the mind, body, and spirit were integrally connected but apparently the DEA only worries about its conviction record and getting hides on the wall. I have lost faith in my government and in the country that I once proudly served as a Naval chaplain. Thanks, DEA

4 thoughts on “Voices of pharmacists and doctors

  1. I have been on pain meds for years. I do not abuse them. But I have seen that certain meds I take – and not just pain meds now have to be approved before I can have them filled even when they have been filling them. A simple muscle relaxer that’s been around forever. One med I take is gabapentin ( Ultram) for break through pain. It has always been called into the pharmacy. Now they relabeled it as a narcotic although for many years it wasn’t considered a narcotic. So why now? People don’t get high on it. It’s barely a step up from tylenol. It’s just a pain because now I have to make a 40 mile round trip drive to pick it up.

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  2. I have been fortunate in that I have understanding doctors that never try to demean me. What is ridiculous is that in order to be able to go and pick up my prescription I have to make an appt every 90 days. Nothing happens at these appts. If I had any issues I would call, and could see maybe needing to go every 6 months if you need bloodwork done, but all it is is a way for insurance companies to make money and to bill medicaid outrageous amounts of money for doing nothing. The doctor bills medicare hundreds of dollars for a visit when all they did was check my vitals and ask how I’m doing. It’s such a racket and sure doesn’t help medicare. I’m sure doctors also order tests that don’t need to be done.

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