The abandonment of pain patients


First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.
5,365 People Have Sent 13,210 Letters and Emails

(1 hour ago) Mary A. from Makawao, HI writes:
What would happen if no one would go to a doctor because they were being discriminated because of their chronic pain? That’s an enormous amount of people who wouldn’t need medical insurance.

(4 hours ago) Jessica K. from Cheswick, PA writes:
My boyfriend has been dealing with chronic back pain for many years and has had two surgeries so far and a staff infection in between and is in constant pain. He’s been to many pcps specialists ers and pain clinics with no help at all. In fact the last pain clinic he went to the Dr told him he was too young to be put on pain meds. He’s 34. I do no time want to see him turn to street drugs which he is close to doing. He needs help and the way he’s been treated is unforgivable.

(13 hours ago) Carol C. from Preble, NY writes:
I have been made to feel like a liar because I am in constant pain

(14 hours ago) Mary G. from Litchfield, OH writes:
Chronic pain sufferer and labled and discgarged unfairly and no other doctor will treat my chronic pain. Do no harm?

(1 day ago) Someone from Knoxville, TN writes:
My GP used to treat my stenosis he retired a new quak came in his place long story short he told me I can’t continue on these Meds even tho I had passed urine screens etc it was easy for him to terminate me as a patient after I had received 8 years of treatment with no issues. This is a crime by him family clinic oak ridge Tn He wouldn’t give referral to pain clinic he didn’t offer any help when I am out of Meds and could die from withdrawal all he cares about is his own…

(1 day ago) Someone from Cynthiana, KY writes:
I have severe kyphoscoliosis and I’m sick of people watching me pee when I’m NOT doing illegal drug’s and I take my meds exactly as prescribed! It makes me in more pain sitting on the toilet for along time just to prove myself to anyone and it’s wrong plain and simple…

(2 days ago) Someone from Holbrook, NY writes:
diagnosed with a kidney stone my doctor told me he cannot give me any pain medication. i should take Tylenol. well if you look on the bottle Tylenol it can cause liver damage. i have been in extreme pain and cannot get anything for it. there is all the proof and tests done to show why i need a pain medication yet he said he no longer gives out prescription narcotics. he sent me to a specialist, who in turn sent me back to him.

(2 days ago) Someone from Menomonee Falls, WI writes:

I have had chronic, intractable pain for almost 50 years, due to congenital spinal deformIty… I moved back to my home state last fall, tried for 3 months to get in to see physicians I’d seen and been treated by during all of my spinal surgeries. It took 4 months to get an appointment, which is in a week. I ran out of my pain meds almost 2 months ago and couldn’t get any help…

(2 days ago) Heather P. from Palmyra, WI writes:
For the most part I’ve been lucky. I now have a great doctor who treats me as a patient not a drug seeker, and a wonderful pharmacy. But I did go to one pain clinic that did monthly urine tests and was supposed to send patients out for blood tests 2x a year. I went and had a blood test and failed. They said I showed negative for my pain med in my system so I must be selling them… I knew that had to be wrong and discussed with my clinic and they sd the test didn’t lie so I called the lab that did the test and they looked into it and got back to me saying the test done was for abuse of and shows negative unless I’m using more meds that I should be. My dr said that I was wrong they ordered a test to see if any meds were in my system and refused to look at the written proof from the lab as to what test was administered on my blood and what the results mean. They refused to speak to the lab on the phone or even accept a fax and refused to give me their office fax number. I have never felt so angry, hurt, and offended in my life… The dr who terminated me (yes that’s how they put it too, due to your abuse of our service and your medication we are terminating you…

(3 days ago) Renee G. from Spring Hill, FL writes:
since I’ve moved to Florida 3 years ago I have had nothing but problems trying to get my prescriptions filled.. I have been asked by the pharmacist for my MRI, my xrays and other treatment that my doctor has tried. I’ve been told I have to have two non narcotic prescriptions for every narcotic prescription or they will not fill them.. I’ve been told they won’t accept my insurance because they take too long to pay they want cash only… I have also been told the pharmacy is no longer accepting new patients. I have been embarrassed in front of my children, who already suffer because of my chronic pain. I moved here from Michigan and I never had a problem with my prescriptions in Michigan. I am mortified that my life is left in the hands the pharmacist who is already prejudiced against opioid treatment and a doctor who is terrified of losing their license. if people were unable to get there heart medication or diabetes medications there would be an uproar, it’s time somebody did something about this before we have mass suicide of chronic pain patients.

(4 days ago) Dennis E. from Napa, CA writes:
Years ago there was no long term treatment for pain now that there is life is so much better. It’s so hard to get a good doctor my last doctor would refuse to hear any of my issues she was so worried about my pain Meds. Doctors are too scared to treat pain and yes I get treated like a drug addict at the pharmacy.

(5 days ago) Gina B. from Babylon, NY writes:  …The word PAIN is in my head every minute of every day for a Year & a 1/2 now and I can’t even FIND a Pain Mgmt Dr that prescribes Opiods anymore….

(5 days ago) Diane L. from Minneapolis, MN writes:
I too suffer from chronic back pain that limits all activities. Over the counter medications do nothing for me anymore. At one point I was taking 3200 mg of ibuprofen a day, sometimes switching amount with aspirin. My stomach can no longer take it. I used to get hydrocodone at 5-10mg but haven’t in over a year because inability of physician to prescribe…

(6 days ago) Jo B. from Booneville, MS writes:
I think its down right disgusting that we have to hurt & have to even ask for something for pain in the first place, yes I am in pain & I’d like to be able to get up & clean my house, maybe plant some flowers for spring, but there’s not a Dr around that will help me…

Someone from Macon, MO writes:
A few years ago, my father was dying from pancreatic cancer, one of the more painful ones, we were told. I took him to a pain clinic. The very first think they did was to read him the riot act. No early refills, no lost prescriptions, no higher doses without seeing the doctor, no pain meds from any other doctor but this one, and so forth and so on. They didn’t even bother to ask him what he was there for before they began treating him like a drug seeker. He was 70 years old and dying…

Someone from Eustis, FL writes:
Soon as I mention my condition i cannot even get an appointment with a Family Physician…

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