Jesse Kidder, Police Officer, Takes Down Murder Suspect Without Firing A Shot

Several times, Wilcox rushes at Kidder. Each time, Kidder runs backward while keeping his handgun aimed at the suspect, urging him to surrender.

“Shoot me!” Wilcox cries out. “Shoot me.”

“No man,” Kidder replies. “I’m not gonna do it.” …

Kidder said he kept his eyes on the hand the suspect had in his pocket because he had been told by dispatch that the man may have a gun and attempt “suicide by cop.” That’s when a suspect deliberately attempts to get shot and killed by police…

Kidder has been with the department for nearly a year, and previously earned a Purple Heart during his two tours of duty in Iraq with the Marines.

Wilcox has been charged with murder for allegedly killing Courtney Fowler, 25, and Zach Gilkison, 27. He claims he was high on “everything” and that his music told him to kill, according to court records cited by WLWT.

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