Verizon released its 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) this week and the results are neither surprising nor encouraging: most major security breaches happen not because of super-sophisticated hacker attacks, but because everyday people continue to fall for the same types of everyday scams that have been ongoing for years…

Phishing describes the type of scam where the scammer sends a message allegedly from someone else – anyone from Netflix to your Facebook friends, from your bank to the IRS – in hope of tricking you into giving the scammer your social security number, bank account information or any other data which an identity thief would find useful.

It can also refer to the scammer posing as someone else not to steal information from you, but to trick you into doing something – such as downloading a file attachment chockful of malware...

6 thoughts on “Verizon Report: over 1 out of 10 people fall for phishing attempts

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