Do I really need to go to the store?  Sure, I need chocolate, but do I need it bad enough to make the trek?  See, I’ve been suffering from Shower Ambivalence this week (okay, maybe part of last week, too).  Anyway, I don’t like to waste a shower if I’m not going anywhere.

And when the rain clouds started rolling in, I thought, well, maybe I’ll just go to the store tomorrow.  But, since I’ve been unable to practice cloud therapy for awhile, I put on some street clothes and a hat, grabbed my cheap camera, and went outside to… see what I could see.

Well, what I saw was guys moving furniture into a U-Haul truck.  So I smiled at them because that’s the polite thing to do.  Did they smile back?  No, the gentlemen gave me a rather odd look, even though I wasn’t close enough for them to smell me.

I took a few shots of the clouds and then headed for the bathroom to take a shower, where one of my towel racks broke and I got shampoo in my eyes (along with noticing that my toenails need to be cut again). And, horror of all horrors, I also noticed it’s time to scrub my toilet.  (Ouch and f*ck.)

So, no chocolate for me today, although what I really want is a Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen. Unfortunately, Dairy Queen no longer makes Dilly Bars on-site — they’re made and packaged elsewhere, and they just don’t taste the same.  Maybe I’ll make some nutless pralines… 🙂

Now I have to go blow dry this heavy mop on top of my head (ouch), or I really will look odd.

20 thoughts on “How the U-Haul guys shamed me into taking a shower

    • Ah, the delights of Google! I worked it out… that looks like an odd ice cream, probably coz of the shape… we used to have DQ in Bahrain – I just loved that creamy ice cream dipped in chocolate sauce that hardened. Then when you bite into it, it goes everywhere 🙂

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      • It’s called “soft serve” ice cream over here. And while you can get that chocolate that hardens in the grocery store, it’s just not the same as Dairy Queen’s. I used to get a chocolate dip cone, asking them to double dip it and coat the inside of the cone with chocolate too. Of course, the sundaes are delicious too, with the melted chocolate sauce.

        At one of the malls in Houston, Texas, where I grew up, they used to have a shop called Make Your Own Sundae. Any topping you might want, like coconut, nuts, and sprinkles, along with different sauces. It was fantastic. 🙂


        • OMFG… stop, stop, STOP! My mouth just ran away from me… my taste buds just dribbled saliva down into my lap… why must I be at work instead of in this glorious April sunshine with a DQ Make Your Own Sundae Double Dipped Chocolate Soft Serve Whammy?! DAMN!

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