3 thoughts on “Smoking Marijuana for 50 Years, and Turning Out Just Fine

  1. I only know two people who have been smoking pot most of their lives and both are unmotivated and very forgetful, one is 65 the other 45 so, I don’t think it effects everyone the same way, but I would rather see people smoke pot than drink, much less violence.

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  2. I wish I could see my ex-boyfriend who smoked twice daily (I was with him when I was in my mid-20’s), I had to stop when I was 25 bec. it was just too much for my little mind, alcohol and pot just aggravated my bipolar. But he seemed to be ok.

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    • I don’t think smoking pot every day, even if it is for 50 years, has much to do with how your life turns out. You know, if you can afford it. Many people who smoke pot when they’re young give it up, like other bad habits, as they age. Although I guess I wouldn’t say that about alcohol, which is much more addictive than cannabis.

      You should try to find your ex-boyfriend on Facebook… that would be a great story to blog about. 🙂


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