Voices of pain patients


Stacey Rogers Pfenning:  My neurologist prescribed norco for 8 years along with my other meds. Since it has been rescheduled and the laws have become stricter in TN, he refuses to write schedule 2 scripts now. He begged me for years to stay away from pain clinics and now he’s pushing me to go because he’s afraid he’ll lose his license if he writes schedule 2 scripts. I’ve tried a pain clinic and hated how I was treated, not to mention the extra expenses and pharmacies being out of meds. I just gave up and decided to take the tramadol he would prescribe and now I lay in bed all the time with hardly any quality to my life anymore. Multiple Sclerosis is a painful disease but the government doesn’t seem to have any compassion, especially in TN.

Rosary Bovello:  Recently told by my usual pharmacy that they “don’t have that medication “. No offer of help, treated me like an addict. 68 years old, still working, severe arthritis of spine, both knees, neck and shoulders and fibromyalgia. Told to get used to non-availability of pain meds. Get USED TO What !!!!!!

Lisa Stepps Ormond:  No life just wanna die

3 thoughts on “Voices of pain patients

    • Actually, Tramadol is not very powerful at all as a pain medication, although for some people, it might be. And the side effect of drowsiness doesn’t occur for everyone. But if Benadryl makes someone drowsy, I’m guessing Tramadol would too.

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