Suicide By Cop

Noll continued to “verbally and physically refuse to comply or surrender” and, according the news release, mimed shooting officers with his hands…

Police recovered multiple fully loaded firearms in Noll’s vehicle in addition to several boxes of ammunition. Interviews with Noll’s family after his death revealed he had been considering suicide for the past year, the news release says.

4/11/2015, Depression, sex abuse claims drove man to suicide-by-cop, friends and family say

4/9/2015, South Carolina cop barricades himself in home, commits suicide during armed standoff

9/9/2014, Troubled Florida man commits ‘suicide by cop’ after confronting officers with gun

When he walked out of here, he wanted to be killed,” roommate David Dlouhy told the Sun Sentinel. “He hated how drugs had taken over his life.”  According to the newspaper, Carberry had beeen diagnosed with hepatitis C and was unemployed in addition to his drug troubles…

When cops arrived at approximately 3 p.m. they ordered Carberry to drop his weapon. Carberry replied, “just do it,” witnesses told the Sun Sentinel…

1/7/2015, ‘Suicide by cop’: desperate act of a tormented soul

While the sergeants who killed 32-year-old Matthew Hoffman on Sunday evening reportedly thought they were firing at an armed man in self-defense, they later learned that the weapon he pulled out was an airsoft pistol — and that he had saved a suicide note on his phone that was addressed to them and stated, “You had no other choice.” …

A 1998 FBI study looking at 240 cases over a 15-year period found that 16 percent of people shot by police had possible suicidal motivations. Another study published in the Journal of Forensic Studies in 2009, which looked at more than 700 shootings throughout North America, determined that 36 percent of them were suicides, while 5 percent more featured subjects who were suicidal during the encounter…

12/2009, Suicide by Police: An Alarming New Trend

Suicide by police is an alarming new trend that has police departments across the country worried, and for good reason. It seems to be occurring with more frequency—the three examples discussed below happened within the last several months…

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