Fibromyalgia and Anemia

If you have been feeling particularly exhausted lately, it is possible that fibromyalgia isn’t the only culprit behind your fatigue. Many fibromyalgia patients also suffer from anemia, a blood disorder that can cause extreme fatigue and a variety of other complications…

A study published in 2010 showed a significant difference in serum ferritin (iron) levels between healthy people and those with fibromyalgia. Researchers concluded that low iron created a 6.5-fold increase to the risk of fibromyalgia…


Fibromyalgia Associated with Higher Rate of Iron Deficient Anemia (2009)

Byron’s Comments:  More evidence linking low iron and pain.

8 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Anemia

      • I have had to go through it twice so far. I had weekly infusions for I think six weeks each time. Ferritin builds back up, and then very slowly lowers. I am due for another check about now, so we will see what the numbers are. I guess it is a fix not a cure. I also have pernicious anemia and have to take B-12 shots.

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      • I got to the point I was hardly able to function. I was always tired….bone weary tired. I am also hypo thyroid, and have been for years, and it has been hard to regulate, so I just thought it was that. My husband finally made me see a different doctor and they did all the tests, and found out. I was immediately sent to a hematologist because I was pretty critical, and they started the infusions. I also started the B-12 shots because my body doesn’t pull it from food. I lack an instrinsic factor that doesn’t allow B-12 to absorb. It was a pretty big mess and I was pretty sick. If you are thinking anything may be wrong get checked for these things. It can cause nerve damage if not treated. Too late for me, I developed small fiber neuropathy. Very painful and no cure.

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  1. I guess it’s hard to distinguish between things like chronic pain, insomnia, and anemia, as being tired all the time is a side effect of all of these. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.


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