Beautiful rendition of ‘Creep’ incorporates old-school sound

It’s official, Postmodern Jukebox can masterfully cover any song and make it sound like it belongs in a different decade.  This time, the band has tackled Radiohead’s ’90s hit “Creep”, turning the song from a weird alt-rock rage-fest into a smooth ballad complete with a horn section and piano.

Funny story… I used to have a Radiohead t-shirt with Creep on the front and “I wish I was special” on the back.  One day when I wore it to the grocery store, an older lady came up to me from behind, tapped me on the shoulder and said:  “You know, you are special.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.”  (See, there are nice people in the world.)  At first, I didn’t know what she was talking about… Me, special?  Until I got home and took off the t-shirt. 🙂

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