Selective Censorship on Facebook

Today God’s main account was suspended for 30 days because of the post where someone called God a homophobic slur and I said Jesus didn’t like that.

Annabella Veenstra:  I’ve reported really racist, nasty, and threatening posts (these range from someone posting a nude/promoting a porn site, to racist posts, to the most recent one where someone said all Homosexual people should be shot point blank) in the past (on this page and beyond it) and yet Facebook doesn’t do jack shit about it. Although there have been times like, months later where they decide to revise their decision and remove the post. (But that’s usually for the porn posts).  However, it seems that any post that could mildly irritate a religious person they will immediately remove the comment/suspend the person…

Elsie Hill:  Please vote to verify God’s facebook page so there is less chance this will happen again!

Rachel Morales: That’s funny because I have reported pages for having graphic pictures of carnage and death and Facebook has emailed me saying “It wasn’t against their terms and policies so the account won’t be suspended.” What the actual fuck?

Nicole Schafroth:  I reported some guy for showing children hanged from a noose but the almighty FB thought that was not offensive.

Ann Goggins:  I told someone that they “appeared a tad unhinged” and I got shut down for 48 hours. True story. And totally ridiculous too. And no, they didn’t bother to check all the bat shit insane stuff the person had been posting prior. They don’t care. Apparently they will believe anything from anyone unless there is a serious threat. Then they ignore it.

Missy Ky’a:  Right. Like the page dedicated to convincing people that Autism and mental illness is not real. I reported them and they did nothing.

Nola Moore LosKamp:  I reported a page telling you to burn witches at the stake and pages telling you to give your kid bleach enemas and they say it does not violate there standards. But I post a literal photo of jesus fucking Christ and my page gets suspended for 12 hours.

Cherisa Masters:  They definitely don’t research it. My friend had some guy comment how he was going to hunt her down and [enter horrible things] to her. She reported it. And she just got some generic email an hour later saying what was said wasn’t threatening Her and people are allowed to share their opinion. Mer.

One thought on “Selective Censorship on Facebook

  1. It’s true. I reported a page for showing graphic animal abuse (which is against their community standards) and they said it wasn’t. But they took down his satirical page?!?! Ridiculous!!!!!

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