NM Medical Board, Meeting on 11/21/2013

Click to access minutesNov2013.pdf

New Mexico Medical Board

Fourth Quarter Meeting

November 21-22, 2013

Recommendations made regarding mandatory participation in the NM Monitored Treatment Program… violations of the Medical Practice Act and advisory letters reminding physicians of the Board’s Regulations on prescribing controlled substances for chronic pain… conduct likely to harm the public, patient abandonment…

John Thayer of the NM Monitored Treatment Program was present to discuss the status of mandatory MTP participants…

Dr. Jenkusky informed the board that at the last meeting of the American Psychiatric Association the Board of Trustees approved a policy statement saying that there is no justifiable, scientific reason for the use of any medical marijuana… Ms. Hart concluded by stating that the legislation is egregious in this regard, and that she hopes it will be defeated.

(Ha, instead, PTSD was approved as a qualifying condition, and Ms. Hart was recently fired.)



Mr. Rubin reported that there were 4 pending requests for public documents…

(Let’s see, what kind of public documents from the Medical Board would chronic pain patients be interested in seeing?)

Dr. Jenkusky informed the Board that Senator Udall would like to put forth legislation in regard to the overuse of opioids… The bill would direct the Human Services Department to provide grants for states to enhance their PMP programs…

Lorena Rodriguez, Diversion Investigator for the Drug Enforcement Administration presented the Board with an overview…  

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