Ex-Con Creates Tech Company To Help Inmates Stay In Touch With Families


Frederick Hutson was just 24 and living in St. Petersburg, Florida, when he was convicted on a drug trafficking charge. The Air Force veteran spent four years behind bars, serving out his sentence in eight different correctional facilities.

Hutson found prison life was isolating, no surprise at a time when one 15-minute interstate phone call could cost an inmate as much as $17. Isolation is an ongoing hurdle for prisoners and their families, as research has repeatedly shown that keeping inmates connected with loved ones and support structures on the outside helps reduce recidivism rates…

One thought on “Ex-Con Creates Tech Company To Help Inmates Stay In Touch With Families

  1. Most extraordinary – some 60,000 customers have used Telepigeon since it launched just last year, the company says, unbelievable, yet confirms the user-friendly status of the products!

    A company which came into existence after Hutson personally experienced the practical problems, and therefore, one can understand what he means when he says: “You don’t understand unless you go through it.” May his tribe increase and may he meet with more success in all his productive endeavors!

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