Professor Received A Bunch Of Threatening Emails After Fox News Segment

The Arizona State University professor vilified in a Fox News segment in January for teaching a course called “U.S. Race Theory and the Problem of Whiteness” received dozens of hateful and threatening emails after the report, according to The Arizona Republic.

The emails, some of which urged professor Lee Bebout to commit suicide, were prompted by a segment of Fox and Friends in which co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck called the courses “quite unfair and wrong,” as the words “Trouble with Schools” flashed on the screen.

“I look forward to your suicide,” reads one of some 70 emails received by Bebout following the segment, according to the Republic. Another said “I’d enjoy seeing you swing from a light pole.” “Maybe just kill yourself and get it over with,” said a third…

Wow, Fox News viewers are really classy, aren’t they?

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