How A Message Written On The Back Of Her Car Led This Woman To Find Her Kidney Donor

Christine Royles of South Portland, Maine, was diagnosed with lupus in December 2013, the Portland Press Herald reported, and shortly after learned her kidneys were failing. After enrolling on the 100,000-patient long list in need of a transplant, Royles began writing messages on the back of her car, asking for donors with the right blood type…

Currently, Royles works shifts at Applebee’s, only to come home and hook up to a dialysis machine for 10 hours. After the transplant surgery, she hopes to have a very different schedule and life.

The surgery is scheduled for May. Because she knows it will put Josh, a corrections officer, out of work for recovery, Royles is organizing a pancake breakfast to raise money for the Dall-Leightons and their three kids. A GoFundMe has also been set up to benefit the family of five.

“It’s really amazing because he has three kids, he’s the sole provider,” Ashley told of her husband. “He’s got a young family and he’s just going to take time off to do something for a random person — I think it’s pretty crazy.”

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