Jackson County (Kansas) urging owners to register ‘dangerous’ dogs



JACKSON COUNTY (KSNT)- The clock is ticking for Jackson County residents who own pit bulls to get them registered with the county.

After being banned for more than 20 years, that breed, and other so-called dangerous breeds are now legal, “If you did own a pit bull, you had to have a $50,000 insurance policy, and so basically all in all it was illegal to have pit bulls, Tim Morse Jackson County Sheriff said.

Even with those restrictions in place, it didn’t stop dog owners from sneaking them in, “We knew that we had pit bulls in the county, and it’s a violation and it’s been a violation since 1989,” Rod Ladner, Jackson County Commissioner said…

Now owners of pit bulls, or hybrids of them, are expected to have their dog registered with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office by April 1st, and pay an annual $25 fee to the department…

In Kansas, you have to register your pit bull, but not your gun.


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