Voices of pain patients (in Texas)


Jason Abney
Yesterday at 2:05pm
Well, I’ve scoured the internet and made several phone calls without getting an answer to this question, so I hope you guys can help. I am a resident of Texas and I’ve suffered from completely debilitating migraines for almost 30 years. The pain no longer stops, only varies in degree. No migraine-specific drug or combination has made the slightest difference, so for years now, I’ve been taking pain medications in doses that cancer patients usually die before needing. I can no longer tolerate the side effects, and I have no faith that Texas is going to get a decent MMJ law passed any time soon. New Mexico is a bit closer than Colorado to all the family I’d need to leave behind, (plus I can’t handle snow) but what I need to learn is whether or not it’s possible to get a MMJ card in NM if you’re a migraine patient. I believe migraines as a specific qualifying condition have been shot down at least twice, but I am treated as a chronic pain patient. Does anyone know if I’d qualify as a chronic intractable pain patient, or should I give up on New Mexico? Any knowledgeable response would be greatly appreciated. I already know MMJ can help me, since I did manage a short trip to Colorado a year ago. Nice place, but I don’t want to be there in the winter. On the other hand, I can’t stay here and do this very much longer.

Dear Mr. Abney (and any other pain patients in Texas who need help):

Yes, I believe you can qualify for New Mexico’s program under “severe chronic pain.”  The severity of the pain for your condition would qualify you, but also the fact that you’ve tried all the other treatments and have done so for the past 30 years.

The only problem I see is that there is a rumor that the medical records and tests for pain patients can’t be over 5 years old.  Which is one of the reasons I wasn’t able to renew after one year in the program, as my records span a 25-year medical history and my MRIs and x-rays are over 5 years old.

And New Mexico isn’t that different from Texas — just a lot less humidity, thank goodness.  I think the level of humidity in Houston, where I’m from, was exacerbating my pain levels, especially in my joints.  Yes, it’s very dry here in New Mexico, which isn’t that great for your skin — but it appears to be pretty good weather for your joints.

I would be happy to help you, but I don’t know how to contact you.  So, if you see this post, feel free to email me at painkills2@aol.com.

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