March Madness spurs vasectomies

Men have figured a way to take a four-day vacation that permits them to sit on the couch and eat pizza and nobody can ask them to lift anything.

It’s a marketer’s dream. You could say it’s cutting edge. Many urologists offer discounts during the tourney along with extended hours. They offer gift packs like T-shirts, food, sports memorabilia and even ice bags with your favorite team’s logo. That’s pretty hard to turn down…

This year, a urology group in Austin, Texas, is sponsoring a “It’s Hip to Get Snipped” Vas Madness promotion that includes extended office hours during games (“much less crowded than a sports bar” says one ad), continuous TV coverage in the lobby, free snacks, a pledge to have patients “ready for love” by the postseason and the icing on the cake: official doctor’s orders prescribing three days on the couch…

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