If you don’t have a conscious, do you sleep better?



As if all that isn’t bad enough, a true psychopath has an extremely peculiar brainwave pattern: while awake, their brain waves most resemble a hybrid of normal waking brain waves and alpha-level sleep waves. They seem incapable of producing true beta waves. And they often tend to sleep deeply, although there are also documented cases of severe insomnia in psychopaths…


As a result of its use by the media, the word psychopath has become a near synonym for serial killer. The term generally used now is sociopath. Sociopaths have great difficulty learning from life, from experience; and this hampers their emotional development: they are desperately immature and very selfish. They have no respect for others. They lack a conscience…


In the public imagination, a “psychopath” is a violent serial killer or an over-the-top movie villain, as one sometimes might suspect Frank to be. He is highly impulsive and has a callous disregard for the well-being of others that can be disquieting. But he is just as likely to be a next-door neighbor, a doctor, or an actor on TV—essentially no different from anyone else who holds these roles, except that Frank lacks the nagging little voice which so profoundly influences most of our lives. Frank has no conscience. And as much as we would like to think that people like him are a rare aberration, safely locked away, the truth is that they are more common than most would ever guess…

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