Abilify for Tourette’s in children?


Otsuka obtained 7-year exclusivity to market Abilify in December under the FDA’s orphan drug procedures, based on the Tourette pediatric indication. Up to now, Abilify had been earning Otsuka $6.5 [billion] a year as one of the leading antipsychotic drugs, including treatment for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

In an almost Kafkaesque twist and why Otsuka is upset, Abilify’s patent protection is set to expire April 20, opening it to generic competition. The orphan drug approval for treating Tourette’s was Otsuka’s way of keeping Abilify on the market as well as its new indication for an additional 7 years without a generic challenge…

The argument Otsuka laid out in the suit and what the court must determine is whether the agency can approve Abilify for a broader segment of the population when no clinical trials have been conducted to test its safety and effectiveness in treating Tourette’s in those age groups…


This invention provides a novel therapeutic agent for chronic pain. The therapeutic agent for chronic pain comprises aripiprazole as an active ingredient…


Abilify uses a different mechanism from other drugs that have been approved for the same symptoms. The majority of antipsychotics shut down dopamine receptors. Abilify works by making the receptors work properly…


Four Cases of Chronic Pain That Improved Dramatically Following Low-Dose Aripiprazole Administration (2011)


I just wanted to let you all know, I started taking abilify a couple of weeks ago for depression. However, it has helped my fibromyalgia so much I am off of the tramadol I have taken for 10 years! …

It is TERRIBLY expensive though. On the light side. If you will show a letter of denial from medicaid and your income is low, you can get it free through Astra Zenica…

(This posting is for information only.  I do not believe that anti-psychotics treat chronic pain.  But just like anti-depressants, they may help a very small number of pain patients.  It’s not a drug I would try, especially since I’ve tried almost every anti-depressant without benefit.  And I think the side effects occur a lot more frequently than advertised.)

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