Studies suggest distracted driving getting worse

Two new studies of highway accidents and driver behavior are shedding new light on distracted driving, in particular on the part of young drivers. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that distracted driving was a contributing factor in nearly 60% of moderate-to-serious crashes involving teen drivers. 

This was something of a surprise since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had previously estimated that distracted driving contributed to only 14% of accidents involving teen-age drivers…

Cell phone use was significantly more likely in cases where the vehicle left the road. Overall, males and females were equally likely to be engaged in potentially distracting behavior. However, females were more likely than males to have been using a cell phone, engaged in personal grooming, or singing or dancing to music prior to the crash…

For example, 15% admitted to engaging in a romantic encounter, with public displays of affection, with someone while driving…

Is using your cell phone while driving a sign of addiction?

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