I have the hiccups…


What are hiccups?

Hiccups are bursts of inspiratory (breathing in) activity. The muscles we use when we take in a breath are the intercostal muscles situated between the ribs, and the diaphragm – a sheet of muscle below the lungs.

Most simple cases of hiccups come after eating or drinking too much or too quickly. The stomach, which is situated right below the diaphragm, becomes distended and irritates it. This will cause the diaphragm to contract, as it does when we breathe in.

Why do hiccups occur?

Sometimes hiccups will occur because of a disturbance to the nerve pathways from the brain to the muscles involved. This explains why hiccups may occur with temperature changes or emotional situations. It is also the reason that a sudden shock can sometimes abolish an attack.

Persistent hiccups may signify problems in the brain, spinal cord or any of the structures around the diaphragm or chest wall.

Everyone has their own pet remedy for curing hiccups. Simply holding your breath is often effective. Breathing into a paper bag, the best remedy, increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the lungs, relaxing the diaphragm and halting the spasms.

Unfortunately, all I have are plastic bags.  Well, it’s worth a try…

Ever taken an IQ test?

I haven’t, but the internet has fixed that:


For a test with only 20 questions, it sure wasn’t easy.  My head hurts, especially from the spatial questions. Unfortunately, the results only give a score, not which questions you got right or wrong.  (Seriously, I want to know which ones I got right.)

The good news is that I scored a 138, which means I have “superior intelligence.”  Because, you know, IQ tests are just so reliable, especially the ones you find on the internet.

It doesn’t matter, because that score makes me feel smarter already.  Maybe it’s not really an IQ test, but a test that shows everyone is smart, just to make you feel better. 🙂

However, being smart (if I am) doesn’t help me manage my pain.  Maybe being smart is detrimental when you’re trying to manage constant pain.

Sorry, North Carolina


Before the vote, medical marijuana users pleaded with House members to make it legal. Some were military veterans, and some were members of a group called Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition.

“If we know that cannabis treats the brain’s injury, how in God’s name can we not let the veterans have it?” said Perry Parks, a military veteran who uses marijuana for pain relief. “It is immoral to deny veterans the ability to take this medication.”

Seeds of change, indeed


With D.C. police officers looking on, hundreds of city residents lined up and then walked away from a restaurant carrying plastic baggies filled with marijuana seeds.

Taking advantage of a ballot measure approved last fall by voters that legalized possession of the plant, the unprecedented giveaway scattered what organizers said were thousands of pot seeds to cultivate in homes and apartments across the nation’s capital…

Proponents of the ballot measure counter that a crop from amateur growers could increase supply and drive down the market for illegal street sales…

Todd Kingman, 22, brought thousands of seeds from his personal collection to give away. He wasn’t specific about how he obtained them, but said he collected them overtime and purchased at least some of them from online seed banks abroad. He already grows marijuana at his home near Adams Morgan and said he didn’t mind handing out the seeds free of charge…

Top Draft Prospect Admits He Tested Positive for Marijuana


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Barry Jordan · Top Commenter · Chicago, Illinois
Um… football causes CTE/brain injuries, weed doesn’t. Football is MUCH worse for your health and well being, yet cannabis is the whipping boy once again, what a stupid world we live in.