Voices from the drug war


Marty Miller · Counselor at Boston Rescue Mission
It is about time that anyone caught selling this fraud. Calling something heroin when it is fact fentanyl is purposely increasing the risk of death to someone should be classified as Murder. Being a former Heroin addict I can remember in the mid 70’s Fentanyl was sometimes sold on the streets as Fentanyl. At least you knew what you were getting and could exercise extreme caution. There was honor among thieves. That was then this is now. I would ask that anyone who know people that are selling this junk make sure that they receive justice for murdering our friends, neighbors and family. I recently lost my best friend of 49 yeas and I would bet that he unexpectedly and unwittingly came across this junk. I would love to find out where it came from. People are dying because of this. So if you see something say something………..
Reply · · March 19 at 11:41pm

Lea Heidman · Owner at McDonalds
I lost my 21 year old daughter to this the day this was published. She wanted to live
Reply · · March 24 at 7:16pm

Carla Cheshire · Top Commenter · Boone, North Carolina
There are a lot of misconceptions about drug use and Fentanyl in particular. I am a chronic pain patient and have been using Fentanyl patches for over 10 years. They are an absolute Godsend for me. I was unable to function at all due to failed back surgery and debilitating pain and with this drug I have been able to have a much better life. I am on the same dosage for 8 years and not craving more or going out to get more. I am physically dependent on this medication for it’s use of blocking pain, I am not an addict…

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