Things are looking up in Texas

3/22/2015, Women in north Texas work to change marijuana laws

Women as a group have been key players in many civil rights movements, and were instrumental in ending alcohol prohibition. Now a group of women are working to end the prohibition of marijuana.

Elisabeth Rodriguez has been a part of the movement to reform marijuana laws in Texas for several years now, and she heads up a group in the Dallas/Fort Worth area called the NORML Women’s Alliance…

“Cannabis has been shown to help many of the autoimmune disorders that affect women more than men. Women are being incarcerated at a higher rate than men for non violent drug offenses,” Rodriguez says. “There are all sorts of issues surrounding parenting and cannabis use, and parents being able to use cannabis to treat their children.”

Over one million women are enduring some form of the criminal justice system. The female prison population grew by 832 percent from 1977 to 2007. The male prison population grew 416 percent during the same time period…

“The women’s alliance focuses on women’s issues, but we welcome people of any gender who are interested in the subject. You certainly don’t have to identify as female to be a part of the group.”

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