The last dying breath of prohibition…

I started reading these articles, thinking I was going to learn something new.  But it’s the same old anti-drug arguments demonizing weed, especially without looking at any of the plant’s benefits.  The articles aren’t even very well-written.  I started pasting some excerpts from the articles, but I was quickly bored with it all…

The Gazette kicks off a four-day perspective series, “Clearing the Haze,” that examines health, social, regulatory and financial issues associated with the world’s boldest experiment with legal marijuana.

The state’s marijuana driving impairment limits could be entirely too high…

Obviously, these reporters don’t know what they’re talking about.

The state almost entirely bankrolls the office’s efforts to prevent substance abuse and addiction with an $8.3 million federal grant…

Indeed, the Office of Behavioral Health, which is the only state office specifically charged by statute with the development, coordination, supervision and evaluation of statewide efforts to prevent drug abuse and addiction, hasn’t received a dollar this fiscal year to support efforts aimed at preventing marijuana use…

Maybe it’s because their decades-long efforts have resulted in… what we have now.  If what they were doing actually worked, maybe they would get some more funding.

Unlike the OBH, where every staff member is a certified prevention specialist holding an internationally recognized credential…

Yeah, because addiction “specialists” can’t hold a nationally recognized credential.

These articles may be able to fool some people, but I hope most will be able to see through this type of “reporting.”  They’re just rehashing (no pun intended) the same old arguments, putting their own slant on the information collected so far in Colorado, and complaining about information that hasn’t been collected yet.

Hey, Gazette, you’re boring!

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