Photo taken yesterday, I don’t know why.  Not too long after I took that photo, I was attacked numerous times by a big, over-friendly and over-excited dog, that managed to leave two long scratches on my stomach.  (Yes, I took a picture; and no, I won’t be posting it, so don’t worry.)

Because I have no luck at all, this dog’s owner didn’t have a leash or a baggie to pick up after his pet.  No doubt the poor dog had been cooped up in the apartment all day and couldn’t contain herself.  And because I have no luck, I consider myself pretty lucky that the skin wasn’t broken, so I’m just fine.

I don’t like to be a snitch, but I’ve really had it with dog owners around here.  Seriously, that dog scared me, even though her owner said she was “friendly” and I could tell she wasn’t trying to be mean.  Whenever I would walk another step, she would be back, and I would have to freeze again.  After I was scratched, I said to the owner, “you might want to cut the dog’s nails.”  But, no response.

The response from the apartment manager about all the dog poo has been to put up trash bins for the remains, but I rarely see anyone using them.  I’ve resigned myself to live with it, but I can’t live with being afraid of all the dogs whenever I try to take a walk.  So, yes, I reported the incident to the manager’s office, although I doubt anything will be done about it.  They won’t do anything about all the trash, either.  And it’s not like this dog’s owner is the only one who doesn’t follow the rules.

As my previous post stated, this has been a shitty week — and it’s not even over yet.  I was hoping I would feel better if I got to cuss a bit, but it’s not helping…

3 thoughts on “Two Things To Avoid While Taking Pictures

  1. As a dog owner I am offended for all of us who train and clean up after our dogs. I suggest a kind and loving note to the dog owner. If it happens again send a copy of the letter to the animal control. The owner will be cited and told the dog will be removed if it keeps happening. I know it’s harsh but some people need to be motivated that way. You should not have to worry about a dog jumping up on your person and scaring you. The dog should be leashed and controlled.

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