(Photo taken 9/23/2014.)

Most of my pain is in my upper body, especially my head, which feels like it weighs 50 pounds instead of the average 10.  I have a tendency to keep my shoulders up around my ears to support my very heavy head, along with having my head drift forward, unwilling to be supported by my scrawny neck.  I don’t have to explain how important posture is to things like breathing, and even having positive thoughts, but I do want to remind everyone that it’s time to…

3 thoughts on “Pain is heavy and dark, like a rain cloud

  1. Any pain for that matter is bothersome and needs immediate medical attention including physiotherapy, if required. In your case, the pain seems to be a natural outcome of inherent reasons, and hence, all the more important to seek medical assistance failing which the pain in your upper body starts travelling downhill – make haste and arrest the pain for good!

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    • Too late, good sir — the pain started traveling downwards many years ago, wearing down my nerve fibers, creating paths that no human should have to walk. Medical assistance paid for during two decades only failed. Being my own doctor can’t be any worse than paying for miracles that don’t exist.

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      • Tough luck, I deeply sympathise with you over your painful condition! Its rather hard to believe that in these times of medical marvels you have not been able to find relief despite your efforts plus expenses! Perhaps as a last resort you need to try out holistic medicine, for optimal health and wellness, with all hope and belief in its efficacy as faith succeeds where medicine fails – good luck!


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