Non-narcotic treatment option in Phase 3 trials

“We are pleased with the FDA’s decision as chronic pain remains an area of significant unmet medical need and we believe tanezumab has potential to offer a new, non-narcotic option,” said Steve Romano, MD, senior vice president and head of Global Medicines Development at Pfizer’s Global Innovative Pharmaceuticals Business…

Antagonism of Nerve Growth Factor-TrkA Signaling and the Relief of Pain (2011)

Understanding whether there are any unexpected adverse events as well as how humans may change their behavior and use of the injured/degenerating tissue following significant pain relief without sedation will be required to fully appreciate the patient populations that may benefit from these therapies targeting NGF…

Where more conservative methods have failed, opioids, appropriately dosed and monitored, are associated with a lower incidence of organ toxicity and fewer potentially life-threatening complications than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs…

Psychiatry related information on NGFR

Depressive disorder

Attempted suicide


Not found in Parkinson disease

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