Although I don’t suffer from depression, I find it very interesting how similar the feelings and symptoms are between chronic pain and depression.  And I can so empathize with not being able to trust doctors.



This is one reason I am not a great proponent of cognitive therapies. The techniques are helpful sometimes, and I believe it’s good for depression-prone people to learn then. But I am fairly certain that severe depression of the kind I experience is not a thought disorder. It’s not like I woke up one day and decided to see the world in a negative light…

Chronic pain is not a thought disorder either.  Being unable to manage constant pain is not a sign of weakness or a need for talk therapy, although many pain patients find counseling beneficial.  And it’s not like chronic pain patients wake up one day and decide they’re in pain.

So when mental health professionals focus on a person’s ability to change their thought processes, when my therapist has said, “But think of all you HAVE achieved!” it DOESN’T HELP. 

And when doctors say things like, well, it could be worse — and that’s supposed to make us feel better?  Am I supposed to feel better than I’m not in a wheelchair… yet?

5 thoughts on “BUT I DON’T TRUST THEM.

  1. You know, I’ll try anything if I think it will help with my anxiety and PTSD. Except meth, I won’t try meth. Anyway, long story slightly less long, we know the anti-depressants don’t work. Anti-anxiety meds aren’t nearly effective as mj, so I’ll try talking it out, but I’m sure there is some flat out re-wiring that needs to take place. As far as chronic pain, I think that is a whole different ball game. I don’t see how you can talk your pain receptors out of functioning.

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    • You know, I’ve never been diagnosed with PTSD — but if I were to dissect my feelings about dentists, oral surgeons, and doctors, I could probably meet the criteria. As for anxiety meds, I think they work, but not for very long, unlike MJ. Plus, you don’t need the full power of THC to treat anxiety, like you do for chronic pain. Heck, you might not even need any THC at all to treat anxiety, just a combination of the other CBDs in cannabis.

      And for chronic pain, it’s not only about the amount of pain the receptors are getting, the level of pain, but also how patients perceive their pain. And there’s not really a pill for changing perceptions — but I think cannabis could fit that description.

      Which is why every racist and misogynist need to smoke a joint. 🙂

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      • You know, the THC helps with my anxiety. It stops the wheels from constantly spinning. I’ve tried the low THC and high CBD strains and they weren’t as effective, but honestly, what is the big problem with getting high anyway? It’s not like I was doing anything but sitting in my recliner craving cheese puffs dipped in Nutella anyway. Those people should try it.

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    • Thanks for offering that information about your experience with THC — it’s just that some people’s anxiety over using pot can cause a paranoia-like feeling (shout out to Maureen Dowd), which isn’t good for people who suffer from anxiety. Obviously, you don’t feel anxious about using it while reclining, but most patients have to use it every day regardless of their physical activity. I wonder, would you feel anxious if you smoked a joint and then… went on a job interview? 🙂

      And sure, most people get the munchies from pot (cheese puffs + chocolate is disgusting), but I had more of the opposite effect. Which is a good thing considering how much I love food and use it to treat my pain. Seriously, I keep waiting for Big Pharma to come up with a really strong chocolate pill…

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      • No, I wouldn’t. That is when the Ativan (not as effective, shorter duration, but could get me through the interview or the job itself) would come in handy. The marijuana would be for when I get home. Of course, here in my state, it is not legal like it was up in Seattle, so I haven’t used it since my return. They do have the beginnings of a medical program, but I don’t see my doc until the 1st. And I love chocolate and cheese. I can eat cheese puffs (Cheesy poofs) and Nutella completely sober. It is like french fries in a Frosty.
        My wife gets paranoid on it, so it makes her anxiety worse.
        Everyone responds to different things differently I suppose.

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