1 killed, 6 injured in Albuquerque skate park shooting


“They got in a fight over a skateboard… and they shot him,” said Munah Green, a woman claiming to be Lewis’ mother. “I just don’t understand who could gun down a child over a skateboard, he was 17 years old.”

6 thoughts on “1 killed, 6 injured in Albuquerque skate park shooting

    • Conflict resolution and anger management should be required courses in school. But I don’t know if you can fix racism. It’s so irritating when the cops immediately say, oh, it’s gang-related. Part of the reason there are gangs is because people can’t find support anywhere else, and as hard as it is to believe, gangs can offer safety from… a lot of different things.

      Of course, this state loves its guns, and there is basically no impediments to owning one. Cost me over $300 to get a medical cannabis card for one year, but I can buy all the guns I want, whenever I want, with nothing more than my driver’s license, if that.

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