3 thoughts on “Florida Cops Fired Over Racist Texts, KKK Video

    • We were once a happy nation? I must have missed that. 🙂

      It seems to me that President Obama has brought out all the racism that some people have been trying to hide for so long. Like a boil that needs lanced, I guess we have to let out all the poison before we can begin to heal. And that’s some ugly-ass poison…

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      • I guess I used the wrong word. I wanted to say: It’s so sad that we’re so deluded about what we’ve become…

        If you’re right about Obama then maybe there is a chance we will drain out the toxins and return to the condition of trying to make this a “more perfect” Nation–

        if not, if we continue to pretend that there is nothing wrong with the daily beatings, shootings and endless hate
        that is so pervasive in our politics…then
        we are doomed.

        I don’t think we were happy–but we were more just…

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