Marijuana research doesn’t support legalization, public health advocates say

I don’t need to respond to most of the inaccuracies in this article because the almost 800 posted comments did it for me.

Marijuana is the second most treated substance in Ohio addiction treatment programs…

That’s probably true, but is the reason for that statistic because pot smokers are forced to submit to addiction treatment programs?  Or maybe the reason they are in the program is because they’re addicted to stronger drugs than bud?

From a 6/9/2014 Vice article:  “Ohio gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald, a Democrat, proclaimed that users of heroin were not being punished severely enough.”

Under comments:

Duncan20903 11 hours ago
Q) Tell me Mr. Prohibitionist, how many prohibitionists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A) None. We don’t have enough scientific studies to know whether or not we should screw in the light bulb, or how we would go about doing it, or even know if it’s possible to screw one in! No, we can’t risk giving the scientists any light bulbs that are more than 25 watts to use for scientific studies. They might get into the wrong hands!

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