Faces of Lawsuit Abuse



Oil Industry Meets First Federal Fracking Rules With a Lawsuit


Patent trolls are some of the biggest drains on American business — they tie up time, resources, and, according to a 2011 study by Boston University, cost American businesses $29 Billion in that year alone…


10/2/2014, All-Time Craziest Frivolous Lawsuits

Physicians have long complained about frivolous malpractice lawsuits. The assault on their reputations and the emotional upheaval they face can be traumatic even when the lawsuit is obviously fraudulent…

Experienced plaintiffs’ attorneys say that they must spend $50,000-$75,000 in expenses long before trial to secure and review medical records and expert testimony. “We can’t afford to file frivolous cases,” said Armand Leone, MD, a radiologist and attorney in Glen Rock, New Jersey. “We’d go out of business.”

Although frivolous cases have declined significantly, they still exist, and some are truly outrageous…


Despite popular opinion, statistics show that America doesn’t have a frivolous lawsuit problem. The Rand Institute for Civil Justice, one of the most respected think tanks in the nation, found that only 10 percent of injured people seek compensation and only 2 percent of them file lawsuits. The Rand Institute also found that since 1991, tort cases reflected only six percent of all cases filed…

The frivolous lawsuit myth is an invention of big business. Corporations and insurance companies, though selective and sometimes entirely false reports, have framed several legitimate lawsuits as frivolous and an abuse of our courts. Through a relentless and well-funded public relations campaign, big business has transformed civil cases into urban myths that propagate the frivolous lawsuit myth…


11/14/2013, House approves automatic fines for filing frivolous lawsuits

The legislation is an attempt to discourage frivolous legal actions that Republicans say tie up thousands of hours and millions of dollars for companies each year…


On average, 97 percent of medical negligence claims have merit. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health examined over 1,400 closed medical negligence claims and found that 97 percent were meritorious. Of those 1,400 claims, 80 percent involved death or serious injury. The study concluded that “portraits of a malpractice system that is stricken with frivolous litigation are overblown.”

Only one in eight people injured by medical negligence file a malpractice claim. According to the Institute of Medicine, 98,000 patients die each year as a result of preventable medical errors, and hundreds of thousands more suffer non-fatal injuries. Despite the massive number of medical injuries, medical malpractice lawsuits are uncommon, constituting only three percent of the civil tort caseload…

On average, just 6 percent of doctors are responsible for nearly 60 percent of all malpractice payments…

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