Consumers getting ‘skinned’ by health insurers

Out-of-pocket costs have increased 100 percent or more in most states since 2003, according to The Commonwealth Fund, which also has been following this trend. And while this has been going on, premiums have been going through the roof. The average premium for an employer-sponsored plan nearly tripled between 1999 and 2014, from $5,791 to $16,834. And lest you think Obamacare is to blame, some of the biggest annual increases occurred during the decade before the Affordable Care Act was passed…

3 thoughts on “Consumers getting ‘skinned’ by health insurers

  1. Just like any other insurer be it vehicle,fire,flood, household/mortgage or whatever, even health insurers are known for their ‘skinning’ tricks, and naturally the premium keeps going high making the plan both unaffordable and unhealthy – what an avoidable careless act by the insurers!

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