Sheldon asked for a cloud picture so he could write some beautiful words to go along with it. So, I’m leaving the naming of this photo to him, and look forward to reading what he writes on his website about this colorful cloud.

(Photo taken 8/12/2014.)

5 thoughts on “For Sheldon to name

  1. Here’s what I wrote,it’s called “Cloud Dance”So for your reading pleasure I give you…………

    The clouds are
    gently whispering

    As they are
    mirrors for the

    They dance
    as there

    Nature had it’s
    way for every
    cloud is yet
    another dance
    she took

    I would like to thank painkillers for giving me the chance to share my work with all, I hope you enjoy,the pleasure as always is when my work is read,see you soon
    As always Sheldon

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