Police Say Penn State Fraternity Circulated Nude Photos Of ‘Unsuspecting Victims’


A fraternity at Penn State University allegedly set up a private Facebook page where members discussed drug sales and circulated nude photos of unconscious women, according to evidence collected in a police affidavit obtained by The Huffington Post…

Kappa Delta Rho members allegedly operated a private Facebook page titled “2.0” for nearly a year, police said. Prior to April 2014, KDR allegedly operated another version of the page called “Covert Business Operations.” At some point, a student discovered a topless photo of herself on the page and “threatened” the fraternity until they shut it down, according to the police affidavit…

One has to wonder how much alcohol was involved in all this activity.  And, if drugs were being illegally sold, where was the DEA?  Busy putting doctors in jail and shutting down pain clinics, that’s where.

And I don’t get it… There’s plenty of porn on the internet.  Why did these college guys have to take naked pictures of unconscious women?  Is that some kind of… turn on?  Or is it exciting because taking these photos is so wrong?

Hey, mothers of these young men, what do you have to say for your sons?  Considering the kind of behavior displayed by these frat guys, I’m afraid to ask what their fathers think…

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