Marinol and Sativex vs. Bud

The DEA rescheduled the specific forumlation of Marinol, delta-9 THC in sesame seed oil contained in soft gelatin capsules, from Schedule I to Schedule II. On July 2nd, 1992, Marinol was again rescheduled, from Schedule II to the less restrictive Schedule III. The FDA and DEA also approved a synthetic cannabinoid called nabilone, brand name Cesamet, in 1985, for the treatment of nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Cesamet is even stronger than Marinol and remains Schedule II…

cmann303 said:  … A study was conducted for patients suffering from MD. Three groups were selected. One group would receive only THC, the second group would receive only CBD. The third group would receive a combination of both THC and CBD. The study revealed that patients must be administered both of the drugs at the same time to receive the “analgesic effects” (Or, pain-relieving effects).

This is the main reason why Marinol is not approved at the Federal level for treatment of many conditions and diseases… It is easy to take too much Marinol because it only contains THC and has no CBD to counteract the full THC effect…

Marinol isn’t approved at the federal level, but of course doctors use it off-label for all sorts of medical conditions.  I took it to combat the nausea from Oxy, but it didn’t help.  I finally tried Zofran for nausea and thought it did a pretty good job — unfortunately, it’s only “approved” for nausea from cancer pain, so my insurance company wouldn’t cover it.  I don’t remember the exact cost of one pill, but it was astronomical.

Marinol contains 98+% of THC which leads to more negative side effects while Marijuana only contains around 6-20%. [Probably higher than 20%, but not on average.  And of course extracts have a higher THC content.]  But Marijuana also contains CBD which acts as a sort of counter towards some of the negative effects…

tharedhead said [hey, that rhymes]:  The problems caused by Marinol being straight THC are what Sativex addresses with their CBD containing formulation…

cman303 said:  In most cases yes, the Synthetic-THC pill “Marinol” can take up to four hours to come into effect so it’s rather useless for someone vomiting…

tharedhead said:  I got some symptom relief with another synthetic cannabinoid, Cesament (Nabilone) but a therapeutic dose would’ve cost me about $40,000 a year. It was cheaper to move to Oregon and become a medical patient!

cman303 said:

But even with that being said, Sativex is still to expensive.
Medical Marijuana costs between $2.50 and $7.50 a day for most patients.
Marinol costs between $9 and $13.50 a day.
Sativex costs closely to $16 a day…

ocsufer said:  Sativex is sold as a mouth spray.

tharedhead said:  It tastes really vile too. But it is pretty effective, once you get past the nasty flavor. I eat straight Rick Simpson Oil and it tastes better than Sativex.

4. They claim marinol has been reformulated to not produce a high. Also not true. It DOES produce a high. It left me numbed out and emotionless.

8. You realize that opium is also safer than morphine and oxy, that heroine is safer than morphine, that the pure plant in almost every single situation is FAR safer than the synthetic and pantented drugs the pharmacetuicals make a HUGE profit on. I wonder how hard it is to turn that kind of profit margin on a plant.

aml (type of leukemia) survivor x2
bone marrow transplant survivor…

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