Another pain doctor taken down by the DEA – more pain patients forced to the street

“I trusted him with my life,” said Hanson, 56. “He was a real doctor. He truly cared. I think this is totally insane.”

The 2010 Times-Union story said an autopsy showed 38-year-old soon-to-be grandmother Joy Womack had anti-depressants, Valium and painkillers in her system. She’d also taken the anxiety drug Xanax, added to her pill regimen two days before by her doctor, identified in the story as Sachs. The clinic where he worked was identified as Physician Pain Management in Green Cove Springs.

Womack’s family told investigators she occasionally over-medicated herself to deal with unrelenting pain from hip-replacement surgery a decade prior. But she wasn’t a recreational user, and she followed her doctor’s orders, the family said…

After Womack’s fatal overdose, Sachs told the Times-Union he learned that she had taken a drug he didn’t prescribe — Valium…

Sachs blamed the four accidental deaths in 2009 on patients’ doctor-shopping and taking too much medication, and said he was careful to warn his patients about health risks. Sachs, trained as an anesthesiologist, had practiced pain management since 2001, the story said…

Sachs denied his clinic was a pill mill, noting he did exams, drug screenings and background checks and required patients to sign contracts saying they won’t abuse their medications.

Sachs faces a mandatory minimum of 20 years up to life in federal prison on count one, and up to 20 years in prison on each of the other counts if convicted.

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