Voices of pain patients


How Our Broken Health Care System Treats The Elderly

Under comments:

Paula Peterson Gardner said:  Last week I accompanied a neighbor to an appointment at a pain specialist clinic. The lobby is the size of my closet. While we are waiting it was impossible not to over hear the conversation between the receptionist and another patient who was a woman probably late 70’s. It seems that she had missed an appointment and owed $100, which her insurance would not cover, before the doctor would see her again, before he would refill her current pain med prescription, or schedule another appointment to see her. I heard this woman pleading for some help. She was in pain and her prescription med was gone. She discussed that she is the only caregiver of her husband who has Alzheimers. She was hurt when he tripped and landed on her back. She didn’t know about the $100 to be paid before todays scheduled appointment. I tried to intervene and asked if we couldn’t work something out. Could she be given a week to get the money. NO; Could she be given a weeks pain pills to give her time to get the money together. NO…

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