Pot for pets runs into legal problems


Both of these companies recently got letters from the FDA telling them that pot-related products for dogs are “unapproved new animal drug(s) and your marketing of them violates [FDA rules]. The FDA gave both firms 15 days to get rid of the claims…

Rob Streisfeld, a consultant for HempMeds, says the company’s products will not get your dogs and cats stoned…

Please beware of so-called cannabis products that are made from hemp — that is not the same thing as medical marijuana.  Hemp is good for you, sure, but as to its medicinal properties, well, its just not the same plant as cannabis.

Under comments:

Sally Thomas said:  Potheads don’t care about “pets”….they are only promoting the drug use for their own purposes (MONEY). Risking my beloved dogs health and life by following the “advice” of foolish druggies would indeed be a foolish move.

If you would prefer to let your dog suffer, or to give him or her Big Pharma drugs instead of cannabis, that’s certainly your choice.  But, Ms. Thomas, your use of the words “pothead” and “druggies” is just, well, hilarious.  It’s so… 1990s.

Jennifer Tigert said:   As I understand, marijuana can be toxic to cats and dogs. Mainly to their liver…

No, I don’t believe that’s correct.  I think it’s the sugar and butter in edibles that are bad for dogs and other pets.  But if you are going to give cannabis to your pet, you should do your research first, especially when it comes to dosages.

2 thoughts on “Pot for pets runs into legal problems

  1. I believe too much THC can be toxic to dog and cat livers. I have seen many animals who really liked to get stoned, though, and nothing bad seems to happen to them. I even know an Airedale who sneaks roaches out of the ashtray, eats them, throws up, and then lies happily stoned on his bed. And it helps his terrible skin condition, because while he’s loaded he doesn’t scratch! I did know a kitty who ate a medicated brownie at a party I went to, and the poor thing passed out flat on its back and laid there belly up for several days. She made a full recovery.

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