The company says the unusually warm fall, followed by an unusually wet winter, has ratcheted up pollen production. When plants are under stress they make more flowers and fewer leaves, resulting in more pollen…

Under comments:

Tommy Ogren said: The pollen season here in the West, where it is hot and dry this winter…it is already bad and quickly getting worse. Climate change is increasing the amount of pollen produced by plants, especially male plants. People need to get smart and stop planting highly allergenic plants in their own yards….they do no favor to their families by doing so. For many tips on how to clean up the air in your own yard, take a look at my newest book, just published, The Allergy-Fighting Garden, from Ten Speed Press and Random House Publishers.

You know it’s spring when Claritan begins inserting coupons in its products.  For a couple of months, allergy sufferers get a little bit of a break in price.  If only I could get a 30-day supply at one time…  Heck, I still have trouble sometimes buying a 15-day supply — the DEA won’t let me. Achooooooooooo!

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