New MexiCann’s Newsletter (3/15/2015)

As you may have heard R.Greenleaf has suspended their delivery system. It was a quality service and it is unfortunate that it has stopped running. New MexiCann is going to do it’s best to continue delivering to our rural patients. New MexiCann is hiring a driver to deliver to the Southeast part of the state the first weekend of every month. This is the same service that has always been there, but now the driver is a New MexiCann driver and not an R.Greenleaf driver. We may be able to implement other routes over time, but for now all other parts of the state will need to be accessible for Hot Shots Service deliveries…

We now have two Nurse Practitioners scheduled to see Patients at the Taos Store.  Naomi has been seeing Patients 1 day a month at our Santa Fe store for the past several years and has agreed to come to Taos and do the same. She will be in Taos on April 16 and again on May 21. She can re-certify for all conditions and offer new certifications for most.

Lori is new to New MexiCann. She is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner so she can not only re-certify, but she can recommend initially for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She will be at the store on April 3 & 4 but those days are already completely booked. She will be back again on April 17 & 18. She works with Psychiatrist Dr. Florian Birkmayer who many saw on the three days he was at the store seeing Patients.

Call the Taos store to schedule and get info on what you may need to bring with you for your recommending doctor’s visit.  Just to be clear, these practitioners do not work for New MexiCann and we receive nothing from them…

Two more counties without legal Cannabis distribution are about to have their own New MexiCann stores. Our Española store will be right on the main drag, N. Riverside Drive and our Las Vegas store will be on 7th and Mills…

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