24-hour gambling in New Mexico, oh boy


The proposed new gambling compact negotiated by several New Mexico tribes and Gov. Susana Martinez’s administration would allow up to four new Indian casinos in the state over the next 23 years, permit casinos to offer credit as well as free lodging and food to some high rollers, and let casinos stay open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While some members of the Legislature’s Committee on Compacts expressed enthusiastic support for the agreement on Tuesday, others said they are afraid the state is already saturated with casinos and that the compacts might hurt the horse-racing industry…

No one is really concerned that gambling is addictive, or that you might as well just throw your money away rather than gamble at a casino.  As long as it makes money for the state and the tribes, who cares which pockets the money comes out of?  Or why mostly desperate people throw their money away on gambling?

I used to think gambling was just entertainment, but I visited a casino after I moved to New Mexico, and those people were not having fun.  It was a sad, sad place, with zombie-looking gamblers staring at large computer screens.

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