Voices of pain patients


Mickie Brown says:  All I know is that for nearly 5 years, I’ve been tortured by denial of pain relief. Since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Gout, and Sjogren’s Syndrome, I have not received a single prescription for pain, except for once at the Emergency Room. I started out at a low-income clinic, who, when I inquired what would be done to control my pain, was told contemptuously, “We don’t dispense narcotics here.” Well, I’m a little ignorant of the treatments–I didn’t know narcotics were the only pain relief available. I felt very demeaned to the point of tears. Since then, I have asked my Primary Care Physician, and my Rheumatatologist what is the plan for controlling my pain? I don’t even ask anymore, because it’s so humiliating to be sent home in Level 10 pain time and again. I’m a 60 year old woman with no history of narcotic abuse. I just don’t understand why this torture is happening. I’ve told my doctors I can’t go on like this. I am polite & understated about it, but a fact is a fact…I can’t take this much longer. Like they say about suicides, I feel hopeless and helpless. No one can live like this for long. What is going to be done about it? I’m glad Dr. Ibsen brings the issue to the public forum.

John Sandherr says: My 2nd post; Returning Veterans that once were over prescribed pain meds are now given no real hope for chronic pain Anti Depressants are the new pain reliever along with relaxation and other modalities. Yes some of these can work in conjunction with the proper meds but its not realistic to rely just on their new guidelines that do not include narcotic pain medicine. The VA has given our Vets the – Take it or leave it – non option.

My own son a US Marine Vet with 80% disability rating has been made worse after getting forced to take NSAIDS after he told the Dr. about his ulcer. All the VA has offered is ”good luck” after my son begged for pain relief. After pleading for a referral for a private hospital he was told by his PCD that he can’t do that even after my son showed him the new law put into place to help Vets get help quicker. I say and listened to the Dr. lie about my sons condition and he said that NSAIDS will not hurt his stomach .

The humanity is gone from our new healthcare system and only god knows how many will be dead as a result.

John Sandherr says: Please let me know what I can do to help with the formal complaint.

Anything that can be done will be more effective when its done in larger numbers. If you can send me an email or reply to me in a post that would be great.

I just came from a meeting st the Pittsburgh VA Hospital with my son a discharged US Marine with an 80% disability rating mostly due to pinched nerves in his back. I got involved because I couldn’t believe the stories he was telling me. Well, they are true and its sad that doctors are ok with being untruthful with patients. The VA will not offer narcotic pain medication because chances are it will not help and they claim that there is a good chance my son would be dead even if he took the meds as prescribed. Opiates kill and we will not use them – that’s what the VA doctors told me. Even a single small dose could lead to death so it’s better to use NSAIDS for all pain. That is the VA’s stance on pain meds or opiates.

Thank you, jjs

Paita says: I find it very curious that for all the true strong comments about how the D.E.A..has now turned into our Doctors,,that only 3 strong women here have choosen to do something about it by jumping on the bandwagon to file a formal complaint against the D.E.A. with the United Nations human rights council,,,why is that???why are others willing write truthful comments about the suffering the D.E.A..has created by their ignorance,,but only a few are willing to actually do anything about it??I seriously would like to know why???paita

Kristine says: I am sick and tired of people judging me about how I deal with chronic neck and shoulder spasms, following a 4 level cervical fusion. (it fell apart once and nobody BELIEVED ME!) A drunk driver drove me to disability, and she “walked” after the burning crash. I am now qualified for a medical mj card, and I am substituting Kadian and oxycontin for Setiva oil in a vape cartridge and Indica for pm, so I can sleep.

Using something that does not “bind my intestine” anymore, has allowed me to lose 20 lbs, and I am no longer “nodding out”, from side effects. KADIAN was something that I did get good benefit from, and I had no side effects. My primary care doctor is the one that is so nervous about prescribing.

Once you are on MEDICARE, they refuse to pay for the “drug testing” that comes with being in a “pain clinic”. They have contracts and rules, and the testing is very pricey.

I still have to take oxycodone BID, but I reduced it gradually from 40mgs TID, to 20 mgs BID.
Live with 8 screws and a titanium plate in your neck, and then get back to me, on how that feels.
Doctors that are kicking their patients to the curb, because they are not “comfortable” making their pain relieved, should find a new profession.

sueb says:  kerry, good for you if it works, but there are some conditions that don’t respond to, as the last quack/pain specialist told me “you are just a drug addict, and you will have your life back once you are weaned off narcotics, and put on a diet of green leafy vegetables.”

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