3/5/2015, Quadrupled Death Rates of Heroin Overdoses


Between 2010 and 2013 the bulk of that outbreak took root, with the death rate of spiking from 6% in the previous decade to 37% in just that 3 year period alone. 2013 itself saw more than 40,000 people in the United States die from heroin overdoses. That year with that number heroin overdose became the leading cause of injury-rated death in America!

Not all of these cases were the same either. Out of all the drug-poisoning deaths in 2013:

81% were unintentional
12% were suicides
6% were of undetermined intent
Less than 1% were homicides

Tell me, who decides when to document a death as unintentional or a suicide?  It’s certainly not the deceased, who is really the only one who actually knows.  Sometimes, it’s not even the coroner.  And sometimes, religion and/or denial and grief decide whether a death is a suicide or not.

The theory is that as we combat prescription painkillers, we are giving that power to another evil…

Evil?  Drugs are not evil.  And neither are the people who take or abuse them.

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