How many war memorials does one country need?  To remind us of the costs of war, there should be one on every street corner; not just in Washington, D.C., where most of us will never go.

And perhaps there should be a separate memorial for veterans who have lost their battles with PTSD.  A wall with the names of those who were unable to survive the pain and chose the only option they felt was available to end it.  America needs to not only hear the stories of people who commit suicide, but we need to look at visual representations of the results of their suffering.

When you look at this photo, what do you see?  What do you feel?

Look at the size of this wall, of the small print needed to fit the number of names engraved on it. And this represents just one war, the one in Vietnam. This shiny and beautiful memorial is a representation of suffering and death, of loss and tragedy. And it represents only one side of the conflict.

Does it matter how these young men and women died, whether it was in Iraq or in Detroit? Whether they were killed by people who speak another language or the DEA?  Why is one death considered righteous and one considered just another casualty of the drug war?

What is the purpose of violence and war?  Solely for defense?  Yeah, that’s what the federal government tells us, but that’s just not true.

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